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Employer sued employee who fell for £200,000 scam

An employer that lost almost £200,000 to a fraud has taken the employee who fell for it to court. However, although it had sympathy, the court ruled the employee didn’t have to reimburse the employer. Why was this? More...


Tribunals: shifting to the courts?

It’s been suggested the employment tribunal and the Employment Appeal Tribunal - which are both independent public bodies - should be integrated into the civil court system. How likely is this to happen? More...


Can you read personal e-mails?

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that an employer didn’t infringe an employee’s human rights when it read personal e-mails. Does this mean you can read all personal e-mails on your IT system? More...


Settlement agreements and future claims

A good settlement agreement will say that it settles all future employment-related claims that the employee has or may have against you. According to the High Court, to what extent can you rely on a clause of this nature? More...


Will employees start using the courts more?

Following a High Court ruling that went in the employee’s favour, it’s been suggested that many more will start to favour the civil courts over the tribunal system. Is this really likely to happen? More...


Settlement agreements: should you provide a waiver?

You’re entering into a settlement agreement with an employee and they want you to include a full waiver which confirms you have no outstanding claims against them personally. Should you agree to its inclusion or not? More...


Equal pay: a new six-year claim limit?

It’s been reported that the Supreme Court has handed employees a “substantial new right” by extending the time limit they have to launch equal pay claims. Is this really true? More...


Employer successfully defends £1.25 million claim

An employee recently sought damages of £1.25 million in the High Court for an illness which she said was brought on by “work-related stress”. However, the employer managed to successfully defend her claim. What’s to know? More...


A “breach of copyright” (or not)?

It’s come to your attention that an employee who is tasked with managing your website has reproduced written material and photographs from elsewhere. What are your potential liabilities, if any, and is there any action you should take? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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