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When can “without prejudice” be used?

It’s been suggested that to protect your business the words “without prejudice” should clearly be stated at the top of all communications to your employees and job applicants. Is this a good idea or not? More...


Q&A - must the employee see a lawyer?


Have you settled everything?

In Department for Work and Pensions v Brindley 2016 the parties had entered into an Acas-approved settlement agreement, known as a COT3. Due to a drafting error the employee was still able to issue an employment claim. What went wrong? More...


Settlement agreements: time off for legal advice

In order for a settlement agreement to be “legally valid”, the employee must receive advice from a “relevant independent advisor” on its terms and effect before signing the document. Must you grant them paid time off for this purpose? More...


Moving from compromise to settlement agreements

The government recently announced plans to change the law surrounding compromise agreements to help employers. So do we have a major shake-up on the cards, or just another load of political hot air? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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