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ACAS issues more advice on redundancy


I’ll have my stuff back, please

One of your employees is about to go on maternity leave. She has a company laptop and mobile phone and you’re tempted to ask her to hand these over to her temporary replacement. But why could this cause you a problem? More...


How not to treat pregnant employees

As a well-informed employer you know that dismissing an employee due to her pregnancy is a big “no, no”. However, judging by the number of cases in this area many employers are still getting it wrong. So what mistakes should you avoid? More...


Cash - if you go quietly

Your new admin assistant has just told you she’s three months’ pregnant (she’s only been with you for six weeks). Rather than pay for all those maternity rights, can’t you give her a cheque now and ask her to go quietly? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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