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How does payment for KIT days work?

An employee who is currently on maternity leave has asked about working some, or all, of her ten keeping in touch (KIT) days. What’s the position on contractual pay for KIT days and how does it affect statutory maternity pay (SMP)? More...


A smooth return to work after maternity leave

An employee will shortly be returning to work after a several months’ maternity leave. What steps can you take before she arrives to ensure that her return to the workplace goes as smoothly as possible for all concerned? More...


Required to disclose pregnancy?

In May 2019 the tribunal dealt with a case in which the employer argued that an employee should have disclosed the fact she was pregnant when it offered her the job role. Is this correct ? More...


Supporting breastfeeding employees

At least one in three breastfeeding women have expressed milk in work toilets “due to lack of suitable facilities”. What are the legal requirements here and how can you support employees who are breastfeeding? More...


Disclosing and asking about pregnancy

In May 2018 it was suggested that a woman who’s aware she is pregnant should be legally obliged to disclose the fact to a new employer - currently, they don’t have to. Can you ask a job applicant if she is pregnant? More...


Maternity leave cover: applicant is pregnant

One of your employees is going on maternity leave and you need temporary maternity cover. An applicant you’ve called to interview is pregnant herself - surely you can reject her because she would be unable to fulfil the role? More...


What rights do breastfeeding employees have?

An employee who is returning from maternity leave says that you are legally required to provide an appropriate area where she can express milk. Is this correct and if not, what is she entitled to exactly? More...


Rest breaks for pregnant employees

All adult employees have a statutory entitlement to minimum rest breaks and rest periods. But what happens where an employee falls pregnant - does she have enhanced rights due to her condition? More...


Childcare vouchers during maternity leave

Many employees receive childcare vouchers via a salary sacrifice arrangement. But what happens if one of these employees goes on maternity leave? Must you continue to provide her with the childcare vouchers? More...


Q&A - maternity leave cover is much better

Last updated: 12.08.2020

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