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Helping employees with rail fare hikes

Commuters will be subject to a 2.8% rail fare hike in January 2020. Whilst you can help your employees by providing interest-free season ticket loans, what else could you consider? More...


A reasonably rejected flexible working request

In a 2016 case the employee - who was returning from maternity leave - had asked for an evenings-only homeworking arrangement. When this was rejected she claimed sex discrimination. Why did she lose? More...


The downsides of homeworking

It’s estimated that approximately 4.2 million employees carry out some form of homeworking. With these arrangements, much emphasis is placed on the advantages but there are significant downsides too. What are they? More...


Genuine homeworking or cheaper childcare?

An employee has submitted a request for homeworking and you suspect that it is motivated by a desire to reduce their childcare costs. How can you make it clear that your time isn’t for looking after their children? More...


Most want flexible working at home


Can you have a “no flexible working requests” rule?

On 30 June 2014 the right to request flexible working will be extended to all employees. Could you save yourself the hassle of dealing with any applications by having a “no flexible working requests” rule? More...


Children now at school, no more homeworking

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has held that an employer’s decision to withdraw a flexible working arrangement from a female employee because her children are now at school was wrong. Why? More...


Can I work from home (on Fridays) please?

An employee has asked if they can work from home on the same day each week. You’ve no objection to this kind of arrangement in principle, but how can you ensure they don’t use it as an opportunity to skive? More...
Last updated: 13.12.2019

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