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Q&A - flexible working: what can they claim?


A reasonably rejected flexible working request

In a 2016 case the employee - who was returning from maternity leave - had asked for an evenings-only homeworking arrangement. When this was rejected she claimed sex discrimination. Why did she lose? More...


The downsides of homeworking

It’s estimated that approximately 4.2 million employees carry out some form of homeworking. With these arrangements, much emphasis is placed on the advantages but there are significant downsides too. What are they? More...


Maternity leave and flexible working requests

You’re worried that an employee who’s recently gone on maternity leave will be handing you a flexible working request, possibly for part-time hours, just prior to her return. Is there any way to prevent this? More...


£11,000 for refusing flexible working?

When the tribunal awarded a female police officer just over £11,000 media reports gave the impression that this was because her flexible working request was denied. What’s the real story? More...


Flexible working: any right of appeal?

All employees with 26 weeks’ continuous service have the right to request a flexible working arrangement. In the event you reject such a request do they have any statutory right of appeal? More...


Employees with care responsibilities for adults

The percentage of employees with care responsibilities for adult family members is increasing and will continue to rise with an ageing population and workforce. Must you grant them any time off for this purpose? More...


Accepting and rejecting flexible working trials

When an employee makes a flexible working request, you can insist on a trial period. As this nears an end, you’ll then need to decide whether to make it permanent or not. What’s the best way to communicate your decision? More...


Q&A - reasons behind flexible working


Flexible working: can you ask what it is for?

Any employee with at least 26 weeks’ continuous service now has the statutory right to request a flexible working arrangement. If they do, can you demand to know what they want it for? More...
Last updated: 22.03.2019

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