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Time off to vote?

With the general election looming should you offer your employees the option of coming in late or leaving work early on 12 December so they can vote in daylight hours? More...


Helping employees with rail fare hikes

Commuters will be subject to a 2.8% rail fare hike in January 2020. Whilst you can help your employees by providing interest-free season ticket loans, what else could you consider? More...


A must-have flexible working policy

Apparently, as many as 80% of smaller employers who permit flexible working have no formal flexible working policy in place. Why is this wrong and what should a policy include? More...


Flexible working refused - that’s £35,000!

An employee at the Department for Work and Pensions, who was refused a flexible working arrangement, has been awarded £35,677 compensation by the tribunal. Why was the award so high and what must you not do? More...


Let’s ban working from home!

In March 2019 it was reported that one employer had banned all of its employees from working at home, even if they had pre-agreed arrangements. Can you do this too? More...


Flexible working from day one?

The Labour party has pledged to give all employees the right to request flexible working from day one of employment if it wins the next general election. You could do this anyway, but why is it probably a bad idea? More...


More employees want to start work before 9.00am

According to YouGov research, 66% of employees would rather start their working day before 9.00am and finish earlier. However, many employers don’t offer any flexibility over working hours. Is it something you should consider? More...


A reasonably rejected flexible working request

In a 2016 case the employee - who was returning from maternity leave - had asked for an evenings-only homeworking arrangement. When this was rejected she claimed sex discrimination. Why did she lose? More...


The downsides of homeworking

It’s estimated that approximately 4.2 million employees carry out some form of homeworking. With these arrangements, much emphasis is placed on the advantages but there are significant downsides too. What are they? More...


Flexible working to become an automatic right?

The Women and Equalities Committee has told the government that flexible working should be an automatic right in every job from day one of employment. Is this major change really likely to happen? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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