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Key information for agency workers


Are agency workers entitled to the same hours?

Many smaller employers rely on agency workers to meet their staffing needs. These workers have many legal rights, but are they entitled to the same number of contractual hours as directly employed comparators? More...


Agency workers: who is liable for underpayments?

Agency workers have the right to the same terms relating to pay as if they were directly employed by the end-user after twelve weeks in the same role. If an agency you use underpays a worker, can you be liable for the underpayment? More...


Can agency workers’ rights be offset?

After twelve weeks, an agency worker has the legal right to the same pay, holidays and working hours as their directly employed counterparts. But can you give agency workers less holiday and slightly more pay instead? More...


Agency workers: let’s be up front

On 8 May 2016 the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Businesses (Amendment) Regulations 2016 came into force. They introduce one major change that you need to be aware of. What is it? More...


Agency workers and permanent job vacancies

Whilst you’ve been using an agency worker a permanent job vacancy has become available. Is the agency worker entitled to apply for that role and, if they do, must they be given preferential treatment over other candidates? More...


Gross misconduct and instant dismissal

In April 2015 there were reports about a farm worker who had been sacked on the spot after he was photographed urinating near crops. Can an employee really be dismissed instantly? More...


Agency workers: avoid liability for an underpayment

An end user has been ordered to compensate an agency worker who wasn’t paid the appropriate rate of pay after twelve weeks in the same job. Why did the tribunal hold it, rather than the agency, solely liable for the shortfall? More...


Fairly sacked for writing a raunchy novel

In September 2014 there were media reports about a council worker who had been “dismissed for writing a raunchy novel”. However, when it came to bringing an unfair dismissal claim, she didn’t have a leg to stand on. Why? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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