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Do apprenticeships count towards FTCs?

Where an employee is engaged under a succession of fixed-term contracts they will generally become a “permanent employee” after four years’ service. Does time served on a government apprenticeship count towards this? More...


Introducing the brand new “Employers’ Charter”!

The government has recently announced plans to introduce an “Employers’ Charter”. Apparently, it will encourage businesses like yours to hire more employees. But just how is it supposed to help you? More...


The meaning of continuous employment

You probably know that many of the rights available to employees are dependent on the amount of continuous service that they have. But what problems are associated with this requirement? More...


The cost of ignoring statutory procedures

We’ve previously warned about the extra costs which you could face if you fail to follow the statutory grievance procedures. A new case shows by just how much you could come unstuck. What lessons can you learn from it? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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