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Employee disguised as “self-employed lap dancer”

We previously looked at a case that involved a lap dancer who had claimed unfair dismissal. She had lost because the tribunal concluded she wasn’t actually an employee. This decision has just been overturned on appeal. Why? More...


Future earnings now count towards compensation

Until now, when an employee brought a constructive dismissal claim the tribunal ignored any monies they earned during what would have been their contractual notice period. But a new ruling has changed this. Why is this good news? More...


Is an employee’s private time your time?

An employee has been identified in sexually explicit photographs on the Internet. If people he comes into contact with through work see them, it could damage your reputation. Can a recent case help you deal with this? More...


Written appeals only?

A dismissed employee wants to appeal but refuses to put it in writing. Can you insist that they do so? What does the latest case say? More...


Refusing to hear an appeal

The statutory dismissal process requires an employee to notify you if they wish to appeal against any decision made. But what happens if an employee doesn’t set out the grounds in writing? Can you refuse to hear it? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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