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Unfairly dismissed for “pointing out staffing issues”

A manager who was dismissed for “pointing out problems but not finding solutions” has won his claim for unfair dismissal at the tribunal. Where did the employer go wrong and what must you not do? More...


When is a dismissal automatically unfair?

You want to dismiss a relatively new employee but have been told that because they’re officially on probation any termination of their employment will amount to an automatically unfair dismissal. Is this correct? More...


Dismissed but you didn’t know she was pregnant

You recently had cause to dismiss a female employee. However, you’ve since discovered that she is pregnant - a fact you were unaware at the point of her dismissal. Can she claim that her dismissal was automatically unfair? More...


Can you dismiss “due to the national living wage”?

The national living wage (NLW), significantly higher than the national minimum wage , is payable to all employees aged 25 and over. Can you dismiss an employee as they reach 25 on the grounds it’s too expensive for your business? More...


£63,000 for being called “Gramps”

A male employee who was called “Gramps” by his colleagues for a number of years has been awarded over £63,000 by the tribunal. Why did this nickname end up costing the employer so much money? More...


Employer’s £15,000 text message error

An employee who worked for his employer for just six months has been awarded over £15,000 after he was dismissed by text message. What one simple rule would have helped the employer avoid any trouble? More...


Whistleblowing and the public interest test

In order to succeed in a whistleblowing claim, one of the things an employee must show is that it meets the public interest test. What must they do to demonstrate this? More...


Multiple grievances: a reason to dismiss?

You have an employee who routinely raises groundless grievances. Does this irritating behaviour give you solid grounds to dismiss them or would such a decision lead you into dangerous territory? More...


On probation, poorly-performing and she’s pregnant!

As long as you play by the rules, it’s quite possible to dismiss a poorly-perfoming probationer. But suppose that individual is also pregnant. Are you obliged to accept the situation simply because she’s expecting? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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