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Refusing to return: right to claim unfair dismissal?

An employee’s dismissal has been overturned on appeal. However, rather than accept this decision and return to work, they’ve told you they intend to claim unfair dismissal. Can they actually do this? More...


Drugs test dismissal costs employer £84,000

The tribunal has awarded a former bus driver who tested positive for cocaine £84,000 compensation. What did the employer do wrong which meant that the employee’s dismissal was unfair? More...


TUPE: there’s an outstanding disciplinary appeal

You’re in the process of taking over another business and all its staff under TUPE. It recently dismissed an employee who is appealing that decision. What are the risks for you if the outgoing employer fails to hear their appeal? More...


Is an employee’s private time your time?

An employee has been identified in sexually explicit photographs on the Internet. If people he comes into contact with through work see them, it could damage your reputation. Can a recent case help you deal with this? More...


Written appeals only?

A dismissed employee wants to appeal but refuses to put it in writing. Can you insist that they do so? What does the latest case say? More...


Refusing to hear an appeal

The statutory dismissal process requires an employee to notify you if they wish to appeal against any decision made. But what happens if an employee doesn’t set out the grounds in writing? Can you refuse to hear it? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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