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Can an eating disorder be a disability?

It’s estimated that at least 1.25 million adults in the UK have an eating disorder, such as bulimia or anorexia nervosa. This number is only likely to rise in the future. Can an eating disorder ever be deemed a protected disability? More...


Missing out on Access to Work funds


Disability discrimination: how long will this last?

It’s been reported that an employer has lost a tribunal claim for disability discrimination because of the way a line manager questioned an employee about her disability. What should you tell your managers following this ruling? More...


Diabetic employee awarded £14,000

A diabetic employee has been awarded £14,000 because her employer handled the disclosure of her medical condition badly. What’s to learn? More...


Could an employee on HRT qualify as disabled?

An employee who is going through the menopause has been put onto hormone replacement therapy (HRT) by her GP. As a result she claims she has a disability and is protected from discrimination. Is this correct? More...


Is bad hay fever a disability?

Millions of people suffer with hay fever throughout the year, not just in the summer. In some cases, the effects can be pretty severe. If one of your employees suffers with terrible hay fever, could they successfully claim it’s a disability? More...


Is it worth becoming a Disability Confident employer?

You’ve heard that some businesses have become a Disability Confident employer. What does this mean and is it something that small employers should consider registering for too? More...


Two-year delay costs £45,000

The tribunal has awarded a disabled employee nearly £45,000 compensation because her employer delayed making a reasonable adjustment for two years. What’s to learn? More...


Liability for undisclosed disabilities?

If an employee fails to disclose their disability to you, can they later claim that they’ve been directly discriminated against? What’s the latest from the Employment Appeal Tribunal? More...


Warning over 60 days’ sickness was discriminatory

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has held that a disabled employee who received a warning for taking 60 days’ sickness absence suffered unlawful discrimination. Why? More...
Last updated: 13.12.2019

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