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“Serial farter” accused of bullying

Judges in Australia have decided that an employee’s repeated acts of breaking wind did not amount to bullying of a colleague. Had the situation occurred in the UK, would the outcome have been the same? More...


I’m being bullied (but please don’t do anything)

One of your employees has said that they are being bullied by a colleague but they don’t want you to carry out a formal investigation. Should you respect their wishes or could that land you in hot water later on? More...


Unfairly dismissed for giving out tomato plants

When an employee gave out homegrown tomato plants to all but one colleague, he was accused of favouritism and subsequently sacked. The tribunal has now held that it was an unfair dismissal. Why? More...


Unfairly sacked for not preventing harassment

When an employee was kicked unconscious at his desk his manager was sacked for “failing to adequately protect him from harassment”. Why did the tribunal rule that her dismissal was actually unfair? More...


Body odour: the (in)sensitive problem

Several staff have complained about a colleague who has developed a body odour problem. It’s been suggested that a can of deodorant is left on their desk one night. Why is this a bad idea and what should you do instead? More...


Harassing employees in writing

Verbal bullying can be caught by harassment laws. But suppose employees do it in writing? What does the Court of Appeal say about this type of behaviour? More...


“Spongebob Squarepants” nickname costs £142,000

An office worker nicknamed “Spongebob Squarepants” by her colleagues has just been awarded £142,000 compensation by the tribunal. So why has her employer ended up paying such a vast amount? More...


Dealing with the fat bullies

You’re experiencing a problem with bullying amongst some of your staff. It’s not on traditional lines as those targeted are obese with unhealthy lifestyles. Should you do anything about it? More...


Office rage on the rise


Rise of the cyber-bully

You’re familiar with the legal risks of workplace bullying. Yet according to new research, a new type - cyber-bullying - is on the rise. What’s the latest? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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