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Applicant who was “too old to apply” awarded £3,000

The tribunal has awarded a 63-year job applicant £3,000 simply because the employer told him that it was “looking for a much younger person” to fill the job vacancy. Why was this wrong? More...


Q&A - asking about age in an interview?


Traditional work and age discrimination

A 59-year old female employee who was told by a manager that she would be “better suited to a traditional” employer has won her tribunal claim for age discrimination. What is the problem with this type of comment? More...


Safe to reject for being “over qualified”?

An older person has applied for a job but their skills and experience far exceed your requirements. Can you reject them simply on the basis that they are overqualified or is that asking for trouble? More...


Tattoos: do you need to relax?

Acas says employers should relax their attitudes towards tattoos. This is because it’s claimed 29% of young people now have them and a total ban could invite an age discrimination claim. Is this right? More...


Smoker who was sacked wins £64,000

A 69-year-old female employee who was sacked for wrongly smoking in a “customers only” area has been awarded £64,000 by the tribunal. Why was she able to claim this amount of money? More...


Stopping income protection for older workers

Some employers provide their staff with income protection (permanent health insurance). Can this benefit be stopped when an older employee reaches a particular age or must it continue until they leave? More...


£63,000 for being called “Gramps”

A male employee who was called “Gramps” by his colleagues for a number of years has been awarded over £63,000 by the tribunal. Why did this nickname end up costing the employer so much money? More...


Q&A - can we ask for age or date of birth?


Women’s work, age and sex discrimination

Two female employees have successfully claimed age and sex-related discrimination after their employer subjected them to unfair criticism. Where did this employer go wrong? More...
Last updated: 07.12.2018

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