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£360,000 for saying “women are more emotional”

The Court of Appeal has confirmed that a woman is entitled to £360,000 compensation after a male manager said that “women take things more emotionally than men”. Will such comments always attract hefty awards? More...


Access to work and reasonable adjustments

One of your colleagues says that all smaller employers can obtain a grant to make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees from the government-funded Access to Work scheme. Is this true? More...


Marriage and civil partnership discrimination


Safe to reject for being “over qualified”?

An older person has applied for a job but their skills and experience far exceed your requirements. Can you reject them simply on the basis that they are overqualified or is that asking for trouble? More...


Reasonable adjustments: is this going to work?

Reasonable adjustments should be made for any disabled employee who is placed at a substantial disadvantage due to a provision, criterion or practice, e.g. workload. But must an adjustment be implemented if there’s a chance it won’t work? More...


Q&A - rejecting an applicant due to Brexit


I’m being bullied (but please don’t do anything)

One of your employees has said that they are being bullied by a colleague but they don’t want you to carry out a formal investigation. Should you respect their wishes or could that land you in hot water later on? More...


Dealing with staff who impose strong beliefs

Under the Equality Act 2010 an employee must not be treated less favourably because of their beliefs. But what if a member of staff is imposing a strong religious belief on a colleague. Are you able to take any action? More...


You’re pregnant? Say goodbye to £17,000!

When Rachel Skeffington announced her pregnancy she expected to receive congratulations all round. However, her employer’s actual reaction - which was something quite different - has just cost it £17,000. Where did it go wrong? More...


Sickness, disabilities and trigger points

Many employers have trigger points in their sickness absence policies that are used to start formal management procedures. But according to the Court of Appeal must they be adjusted where an employee has a disability? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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