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Unfairly dismissed for “storing obscene material”

An employee who was found to have stored obscene material on his employer’s cloud storage account has claimed unfair dismissal and been awarded over £53,000. Where did the employer in this case go wrong? More...


Q&A - grounds for a disciplinary appeal


Disciplinary sanctions: must you prove guilt?

An employee has decided to appeal against a disciplinary sanction that you recently imposed on them because you didn’t “prove the misconduct beyond all reasonable doubt”. Are you actually required to prove guilt? More...


Can you refuse a potentially unruly companion?

All employees have the statutory right to be accompanied to a disciplinary hearing. But what if someone selects a companion who has behaved badly at a previous hearing? Can you refuse their choice? More...


Grievances: who should hear an appeal?

When an employee’s grievance is rejected or only partially upheld, you must offer them a right of appeal - if you don’t your procedure will be unfair. Assuming the employee does appeal, who should hear it? More...


Disciplinary procedures: right to a rehearing?

When an employee is required to attend a disciplinary hearing, they must be given all the evidence against them in advance of it. But what if some evidence is accidentally missed out? Must you hold a rehearing? More...


Live written warnings: given in good faith?

An employee who’s under a live written warning has been found to have committed a further act of misconduct. Is it OK to automatically take the live warning into account when imposing a further disciplinary sanction? More...


Can you increase a disciplinary sanction on appeal?

Let’s suppose an employee has exercised their right to appeal against a disciplinary sanction. Having heard their appeal, can you hike the sanction if you consider the initial decision was too lenient? More...


Appeals: when are they out of time?

As the Acas Code of Practice states, your employees must be given the right to appeal against disciplinary and grievance decisions. But how long do they have to challenge you about them? More...


Dismissals where a written warning had no appeal

You’re considering dismissing an employee who has a live written warning on file. However, he didn’t exercise his right of appeal during those earlier proceedings. Does that mean you can’t take it into account now? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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