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Discipline an employee who fell for a scam?

You’ve been the victim of an invoicing scam and have lost several thousand pounds as a result. Can you discipline the employee who paid the invoice for not recognising that it was a fraud? More...


Investigations: can you keep them secret?

You have concerns about an employee and believe the situation requires a disciplinary investigation. If you begin this process, must you inform the employee or can it be concealed from them? More...


£9,000 award for botched absence investigation

When the Metropolitan Police discovered an officer had gone on holiday to Barbados whilst off sick, it launched a disciplinary investigation. However, one fatal error cost it £9,000 in damages. What do you need to know? More...


Bringing the business into serious disrepute

Most employers have “bringing the business into serious disrepute” listed as a gross misconduct offence in their disciplinary rules. When should this ground for dismissal actually be used? More...


How to deal with a moody employee

One of your employees is incredibly moody - one day it’s all sweetness and smiles, the next you could get your head bitten off or be completely ignored. What’s the best way to deal with this type of behaviour? More...


Q&A - employee ignores a younger manager


£23,000 for employee’s 97p mistake

A tribunal has ordered retail giant IKEA to pay an employee who was sacked for stealing a milkshake that cost 97p over £23,000 in compensation. What monumental error did this employer make? More...


Disciplinary proceedings and new information

Following a disciplinary hearing, further negative information has come to light about the employee. According to the Employment Appeal Tribunal, can it be taken into account when determining the appropriate sanction? More...


Dealing with insubordination

One of your employees has always been a bit mouthy but they’ve now gone a step further and point-blank refuse to obey a management instruction. How should you deal with the situation? More...


Unfairly sacked for attacking a colleague

In November 2015 the tribunal ruled that a London Zoo employee who glassed a fellow colleague in the face was unfairly dismissed. Her behaviour was at the extreme end of the scale, so where did the employer go wrong? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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