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Q&A - fixed term to permanent


Q&A - Fixed-term contract to permanent


Attendance before their official start date

Sometimes, a new employee will come into your workplace prior to their official start date, perhaps for training or to meet other members of staff. Would such an event start their period of continuous employment or not? More...


When did their employment really start?

Many employment rights, such as unfair dismissal, require a certain period of “continuous employment”. But does the clock start ticking at the point a new employee accepts your job offer or on the day they start work? More...


Fixed-term contracts: how long should they last?

When you need extra staff, but don’t want anyone permanent, a fixed-term contract can offer the ideal solution. But get the duration wrong and you could face some nasty legal liabilities. So how can you protect yourself? More...


Can we ask an ex-employee for help?


Re-employing redundant workers

Despite your best efforts, redundancies can be unavoidable. But what happens if you later find that you’ve got work coming in, but not enough to hire experienced ex-employees on a permanent basis? What’s your best option then? More...


The cost of ignoring statutory procedures

We’ve previously warned about the extra costs which you could face if you fail to follow the statutory grievance procedures. A new case shows by just how much you could come unstuck. What lessons can you learn from it? More...
Last updated: 04.08.2020

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