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Personal documents on work systems

In a 2017 case the employee saved a document on their employer’s server which contained his personal financial information. Bearing in mind its content, was it automatically private? More...


Employer who claimed £15 million only gets £2

When Marathon Asset Management discovered that two former employees had taken confidential business information, it sued them for damages totalling £15 million. However, the High Court only awarded it a mere £2. Why? More...


Q&A - keeping pay a secret


Settlement agreement: keep negotiations confidential

Once a settlement agreement is signed by both parties, its terms are strictly confidential. However, before this happens, you won’t want an employee divulging your discussions to anyone who will listen. How can this be prevented? More...


A legal right to inspect personal PCs?

When an employer grew concerned that two of its employees had stolen confidential data, it applied to the High Court for permission to inspect their own PCs. As this was granted, do you now have a new legal right? More...


It’s confidential (but their other half works here)

One of your key employees has resigned and is going to work for a competitor. Trouble is, their other half also works for you and you’re worried they may pass over confidential information. What can you do about it? More...


MPs criticise “outrageous” confidentiality clauses

MPs recently criticised the use of confidentiality clauses in certain settlement agreements, stating that the employers’ requirements were outrageous. Does this mean you shouldn’t subject an employee to such a clause? More...


Dealing with suspected poaching

An employee has just handed you their resignation and you have a sneaky suspicion they’ve been poached by one of your competitors. If you’re right, you need to act quickly in order to protect your business - but where do you start? More...


How to protect your confidential information

Employers are repeatedly urged to take all necessary steps to protect their “confidential information”, otherwise known as “business secrets”. But what can fall into this category and how can you protect it? More...


Narrowing down on confidentiality clauses

An employer recently asked the High Court to enforce its supposed right to confidentiality. Unfortunately, it had made three fatal errors. What were they and how can you avoid making the same mistakes? More...
Last updated: 09.07.2020

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