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A discretionary Christmas bonus

Let’s suppose that you want to pay a small Christmas bonus to thank employees for all their hard work this year. Even though it’s intended to be a one-off discretionary payment, what must you do to protect yourself? More...


Is a promise about bonuses binding?

In a recent case, 100 employees claimed that an announcement made during a staff meeting about bonuses was contractually binding. The High Court agreed with this position. So should you now watch what you say? More...


Accept a “buy-out” incentive or be dismissed

In a recent case, the employer wanted to stop paying a hefty contractual bonus. When staff refused a lump sum payment to buy out this right, it dismissed them and offered re-engagement on new terms. Were they unfairly dismissed? More...


Annual bonuses: can they sue?

It’s been reported that many employees plan to sue their employers if they don’t get an annual bonus this year. Is this type of payment an automatic right? More...


Withholding discretionary bonuses

An employee recently challenged his employer’s decision to withhold his bonus payment by using the Unfair Contract Terms Act. Was he successful? More...


Adding conditions to payment

It’s not uncommon to operate an ad hoc bonus system. Probably you apply some conditions to the payment of such a bonus, e.g. the need to remain in employment. Following a recent case, when is it safe to withhold payment? More...


Pay back that bonus

You’re offering certain new recruits a golden hello. However, you don’t want to pay out this money only to see your new staff disappear. Can you insist they pay it back if they leave early? And if so, what could be the tax consequences? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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