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Contract change costs £22,000

An employee has been awarded £22,000 by the tribunal because his employer imposed a change to his working hours. Why was this such a costly error? More...


Sacked apprentice awarded £25,000

An employer who ended a four-year apprenticeship early has been ordered to pay its former apprentice £25,000. Is this the going rate for the early termination of an apprenticeship or is there another reason for the sizeable award? More...


Fairly dismissed for refusing to work overtime

An employee who was dismissed after she refused to work overtime in the run up to Christmas has lost her tribunal claim for unfair dismissal. What had the employer done to protect its position? More...


Recruitment agent’s job offer costs employer £3,000

If you need to fill a job vacancy, you can instruct a recruitment agency to act on your behalf. However, as one employer has discovered, this approach can easily land you in hot water. What do you need to know to play it safe? More...


How to treat employees who want to leave

An employee has told you that they are unhappy in their role and wish to leave your employment as soon as possible. As their heart clearly isn’t in the job anymore can you treat them less favourably than other employees? More...


Faked sickness = breach of contract

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has confirmed that pulling a sickie can amount to a fundamental breach of contract, giving you the right to dismiss. But what one thing must you be able to show first? More...


Withdrawing a job offer

You recently made a job offer but now wish to withdraw it. The prospective employee hasn’t done anything wrong but since the offer was made, your business needs have changed. What’s the legal position? More...


Refusing to work their notice period

An employee with a one-month notice period in his employment contract has just tendered his resignation. He’s also stated that he won’t be coming into work again. Where do you stand legally? More...


Can you read personal e-mails?

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that an employer didn’t infringe an employee’s human rights when it read personal e-mails. Does this mean you can read all personal e-mails on your IT system? More...


But I never read the contract!

Apparently, only 0.6% of employees have read their entire employment contract - the rest either didn’t bother or just skimmed over the important bits. If an employee hasn’t read their contract, are they still bound by all of its terms? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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