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Should you ban “love” at work?

It’s been reported that staff at Gatwick Airport have been banned from calling customers “love” and “darling”. Should you introduce a similar rule in your workplace? More...


Staff car parking allocations and disagreements

Whilst many employers have some staff car parking facilities, not all will have adequate provision in terms of spaces. In this situation, can a first come, first served allocation rule be applied, or is that potentially discriminatory? More...


The grieving pet owner

An employee recently lost a pet. Unfortunately, the bereavement has hit them rather badly and the situation is now affecting the quality of their work. How should you handle it? More...


The best way to handle several minor issues

One of your employees is driving you to distraction. Whilst there’s no major problem that would justify you taking formal action, each week there’s a minor performance or misconduct issue. How should you handle it? More...


Keep your hands off my cheesecake!

A row has broken out at the BBC over a slice of cheesecake that was “stolen” from a staff fridge, with the victim calling the thief a “scumbag”. Whilst amusing, this type of incident often upsets employees. What can you do? More...


Dealing with a messy relationship breakup

An employee has recently gone through a messy relationship breakup. Unfortunately, it’s affecting their work and starting to disrupt the team. You’re sympathetic but need them to get a grip. What’s the best way to handle it? More...


OK to fit monitoring sensors under desks?

In August 2017 it was reported that Barclays had anonymously put devices that monitor heat and motion under employees’ desks. This sounds like an effective way to see what staff get up to but what’s the potential problem? More...


Top complaint is bad body odour

Bad body odour is the most disliked personal hygiene problem - 70% of employees say it’s their top bugbear. If you receive a complaint about someone’s BO, what’s the best way to tackle it? More...


Can probation be extended automatically?

Although a candidate can look good on paper and interview well, they may not be the perfect match. You can test the waters with a probation period. If the required standards aren’t met, can it be extended automatically? More...


Do you have to pay for a smoking shelter?

Smoking has been banned inside most workplaces since 2007. One issue that still causes confusion is whether employers have a legal duty to provide outdoor smoking shelters for employees. What’s the answer? More...
Last updated: 17.12.2018

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