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Q&A - work experience and insurance


“Please sponsor me for this charity event!”

If an employee decides to raise money for charity, they’ll probably ask their colleagues to sponsor them. Unfortunately, it’s quite possible that such a request could cause embarrassment or offence. So what can you do to avoid this? More...


Have you tried the “Model Workplace” tool?

ACAS has developed an online tool which allows employers to assess the overall effectiveness of their workplace. It’s free to use and claims to offer “sound, practical guidance”. This could be useful, but is it really worth the bother? More...


The true cost of online gambling

It’s estimated that the online gambling industry rakes in £10 billion per year and that 75% of employees regularly have a flutter during working hours. But it’s a safe bet that those who do are also wasting your time. So what can you do? More...


The (un)paid toilet breaks

When it comes to cutting costs, the media often reports on unusual strategies adopted by some employers. It says one has gone a step too far by docking staff pay for taking toilet breaks. Sounds fair, so why is this really such a bad idea? More...
Last updated: 05.12.2019

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