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Calculating flexible furlough pay

From 1 July 2020 eligible employees may be flexibly furloughed. Where this happens, you must pay them their usual rate of pay for all hours worked. How is this calculated? More...


Q&A - bank holidays during furlough


Can furloughed employees be made redundant?

You might have furloughed members of staff or be planning on doing so. Where an employee has been furloughed can you make them redundant during or after their furlough period? More...


Holiday - last minute changes to plans

An employee has booked annual leave that they’re due to take next week. For whatever reason their plans have changed and they want to cancel this time off at the last minute. Must you agree? More...


Last minute holidays

Last minute holidays have become increasingly popular. But an employee can’t book one and then expect you to fall in with their eleventh hour plans. What’s the real deal here? More...


Q&A - can we close for Christmas?


Employee gets annual leave back if they go sick?

Recently, the European Court of Justice ruled that an employee can reclaim their annual leave entitlement if they are sick during that time. If the media is to be believed, this is open to abuse. But is the ruling really that bad? More...


Compulsory holiday?

A member of staff is working their notice. They’ve built-up a couple of weeks’ unused leave. Normally, you’d pay them for this in their final pay packet, but can you make them take the holiday instead? More...


Asking for holiday whilst on sick leave

An employee’s been off sick for some time and is receiving just Statutory Sick Pay. He’s now put in a request to be paid his annual leave entitlement in full. Is he entitled to holiday pay whilst sick? More...


Still confused by holiday dues?

Even with the summer holiday season behind us, we’re still receiving countless queries about annual leave. So what is an employee’s entitlement? Read on for the answers to the most often asked questions. More...
Last updated: 13.08.2020

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