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Updated written statements for existing employees?

From 6 April 2020 additional mandatory information must be included in a written statement of employment particulars. Do you have to issue an updated written statement to all existing employees too? More...


Major changes to written statements

On 6 April 2020 important changes will be made to the right to receive a written statement of employment particulars. What’s new? More...


A written statement on day one

The government is extending the right to receive a written statement of employment particulars to all workers from day one of employment. When will this come into force and how can you prepare for it? More...


Failure to provide a contract = £1,800 fine?

It was recently reported that “thousands of smaller employers are risking fines of £1,800 because they haven’t issued their employees with written contracts of employment”. What’s wrong with this statement? More...


A (safe) contract for an apprentice

New regulations recently came into force to define the wording which must be included in an apprenticeship agreement. Is it complex? More...


Are employment contracts really necessary?

The list of clauses which should go into a contract of employment seems to grow and grow. But are they really all necessary, and if not, what’s the absolute minimum you can get away with? More...


“This is not what you offered!”

When making a job offer, you must ensure that the written statement accurately reflects what was discussed at interview. But what if there are major differences? What’s the legal position? More...


What to tell the staff

Naturally, you like to cover all your personnel dealings in writing so have extensive employment contracts. However is having the contracts enough? Do you have to draw their contents to the attention of your staff? More...
Last updated: 07.08.2020

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