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Diabetic employee awarded £14,000

A diabetic employee has been awarded £14,000 because her employer handled the disclosure of her medical condition badly. What’s to learn? More...


Two-year delay costs £45,000

The tribunal has awarded a disabled employee nearly £45,000 compensation because her employer delayed making a reasonable adjustment for two years. What’s to learn? More...


Disability discrimination due to the menopause

A female employee has been awarded over £19,000 after she successfully claimed disability discrimination. Her medical condition was the onset of the menopause. Does this mean the menopause is now an automatic disability? More...


Medical conditions and perceived discrimination

Let’s suppose that a candidate discloses a medical condition during a job interview. It’s not a disability but if it deteriorates in the future it could become one. As they are non-disabled, can you reject them because of their condition? More...


HMRC’s £75k desk move error

The tribunal has ordered HMRC to pay £75,000 compensation to a disabled employee who was forced to change desks. What did HMRC do wrong? More...


Associative discrimination and reasonable adjustments

If an employee is closely associated with a disabled person, e.g. a child, spouse, relative or friend, you must not discriminate against them because of it. OK, but are you required to make reasonable adjustments for your employee? More...


Disability discrimination by association

The tribunal recently ruled that an employee had suffered “discrimination by association” because of comments made about her disabled husband immediately prior to her dismissal. What can we learn from this case? More...


Missing one important (discrimination) point

Because of a simple problem, which the tribunal was quick to pick up on, an employee has lost her claim for disability discrimination. So what happened and why should you never accept things at face value? More...


New help to identify disabilities

Identifying when a “mental impairment” becomes a “protected disability” isn’t easy. So what can we learn from a ruling by the Employment Appeal Tribunal? More...


Is there a new disability discrimination loophole?

A ruling in 2008 made it much more difficult for employees to mount disability discrimination claims. Since then, lawyers have continually looked for ways to get around the problem. Does a new ruling mean they’ve finally succeeded? More...
Last updated: 07.08.2020

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