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Do your employees know what SSP is?

Many smaller employers pay statutory sick pay (SSP) only during sickness absence. However, it seems that many employees don’t know what SSP is or how long it will last for. What are the rules? More...


Q&A - part timers and SSP entitlement


Self-inflicted sports injuries and sick pay

An employee was badly injured while participating in a sporting activity and has been signed off work for several weeks. As it’s a self-inflicted injury, must you pay them during their sickness absence and, if so, how much? More...


A fit note for one day’s sickness absence

In April 2015 there were reports about a doctor who wrote an amusing letter when an employee was asked to produce medical evidence for one day’s sickness absence. What are the rules regarding the issue of fit notes? More...


Q&A - the maximum SSP entitlement?


No more minimum SSP records from 6 April 2014

From 6 April 2014 you will no longer be required to maintain minimum statutory sick pay (SSP) records. Does that mean you can forget about keeping employee sickness absence records altogether? More...


How to calculate SSP for a new employee

Let’s suppose that a new employee has gone off sick in their first few days of employment. They’ve not yet received a salary payment, so are they entitled to Statutory Sick Pay? More...


Laser eye surgery and paid sick leave

Over the past few years, laser eye surgery has grown in popularity. Should an employee decide to have it done, must you grant any time off required as “sick leave” and do they have a right to be paid during their absence? More...


You’re banned from catching swine ‘flu!

Winter brings with it higher rates of sickness absence. But this time around there’s also swine ‘flu. Yet the government has now launched its free vaccination programme, so can you insist an employee has it to protect your business? More...


Does working for two hours count?

One of our subscribers has an employee who’s arguing that working for part of the day before going home sick counts towards the qualifying period for calculating SSP. Is this right, and if not, how do you calculate his entitlement? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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