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Fake reference costs employee £4,725

An employee has been ordered to pay his employer £4,725 after he provided a fictitious reference, using the name of a Star Wars character. What should you do following this case? More...


References: queries about sickness absence

You’ve received a reference request from another employer relating to one of your employees. It asks how many days’ sick this individual has taken in the past two years. Should you answer this question or stay silent? More...


Must you stick to your standard reference?

Let’s suppose that you have a policy of giving standard references which confirm job title and employment dates only. Are you obliged to stick to these basic details or can you disclose more information to a third party? More...


References and previous disputes

You’ve received a reference request which asks whether you had any disputes with a former employee. How should you respond? More...


New Court of Appeal guidance on references

You’ve been asked to provide a reference about a former employee. Trouble is, since they left, concerns over their work have come to light. Do you disclose this fact or keep quiet? What’s the latest guidance from the Court of Appeal? More...


Reference: “They threatened to sue us in the tribunal!”

Any reference given about an ex-employee must be fair and accurate. But suppose you tell the truth, for example, they threatened you with a tribunal claim, and it leads to a job offer being withdrawn. Could this cause you problems? More...


“Hello... I’m calling about a reference”

If an employee has been offered another job, you’re likely to receive a reference request. Quite often, this will be in writing. But some employers opt to pick up the phone and ask for information. So what should you do if you get a call? More...


Should you always be honest with references?

It was a huge relief when a nightmare of an employee resigned. But you’ve now received a reference request - seems like they want to be a headache for another unlucky employer. So is honesty the best policy in this situation? More...


Giving unfavourable references

Many media reports on personnel issues give the impression that you can no longer give unfavourable references. Following a recent case is this true? If not, what must you be aware of before putting pen to paper? More...


Playing it safe with references

Due to confusion over the right of individual employees to access their references, new guidance has been produced. What does it say? More...
Last updated: 25.02.2020

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