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Unfairly dismissed for calling boss “a tw@t”

The tribunal has ruled that an employee who was sacked for calling his boss “a tw@t” was unfairly dismissed and awarded him £19,000. What did the employer do wrong in the dismissal procedure? More...


Drugs test dismissal costs employer £84,000

The tribunal has awarded a former bus driver who tested positive for cocaine £84,000 compensation. What did the employer do wrong which meant that the employee’s dismissal was unfair? More...


£59,000 and a slice of humble pie

In a recent case an employee was dismissed for failing to follow a management instruction. However, the tribunal felt that this decision was unfair and awarded him £59,315. What did the employer do wrong? More...


Fairly dismissed for sleeping on the job

In a recent case, an employee was sacked for sleeping on the job in the employer’s first aid room. The tribunal concluded that his dismissal was both “fair and reasonable. Why did it reach this decision? More...


That employee must be (fairly) dismissed!

In a recent case, an employee was dismissed because the employer (which ran a nightclub) would lose its licence if he remained in post. He successfully claimed unfair dismissal. So where did the employer go wrong? More...


Don’t like football? You must be gay!

In a recent case, an employee who had said he didn’t like football was called gay by his colleagues. The tribunal said this was discriminatory and awarded him £44,000. Why was this employer hit with such a large penalty? More...


Fairly sacked for contacting the paper

An employee took a dislike to some of your decisions, so they complained about you to the local paper and it printed their letter! They’re now saying that this is a “protected disclosure” and you can’t sack them. Are they on solid ground? More...


(Un)reasonable in the circumstances?

Deciding whether or not to dismiss an employee can be tough, particularly if you’re not sure whether it’s appropriate in the circumstances. So how can a new case help you avoid the costs of getting it wrong? More...


Can you sack someone who’s unpopular?

Suppose one of your managers has a bullying personality and is clashing with colleagues. Can you deal with it by asking him to resign or by sacking him if he doesn’t take the hint? If not, what steps should you take first? More...


He’s admitted it, why wait?

An employee suspected of gross misconduct has just admitted their guilt. You both know that this will end in dismissal so why bother with all those tedious and time-consuming procedures? More...
Last updated: 26.02.2020

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