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Diabetic employee awarded £14,000

A diabetic employee has been awarded £14,000 because her employer handled the disclosure of her medical condition badly. What’s to learn? More...


Two-year delay costs £45,000

The tribunal has awarded a disabled employee nearly £45,000 compensation because her employer delayed making a reasonable adjustment for two years. What’s to learn? More...


Regular sickness absence due to PMT

You’ve noticed that a female employee takes one or two days’ sick leave every four weeks. On querying this she claims to get severe PMT but says any further action will be discriminatory. Are your hands really tied? More...


Is depression a disability?

An employee has told you that she’s been diagnosed with depression and been prescribed medication by her GP. Does her medical condition automatically amount to a disability or not? More...


Disability discrimination by association

The tribunal recently ruled that an employee had suffered “discrimination by association” because of comments made about her disabled husband immediately prior to her dismissal. What can we learn from this case? More...


Sending the right (disability discrimination) message

In a recent case, two managers accidentally left a message on an employee’s answerphone in which they both joked about her disability. What action did the tribunal decide to take against their employer as a result? More...


Missing one important (discrimination) point

Because of a simple problem, which the tribunal was quick to pick up on, an employee has lost her claim for disability discrimination. So what happened and why should you never accept things at face value? More...


Is it “likely” that a disability will recur?

An employee is protesting about a change you’ve made in your workplace. They claim it could trigger an underlying disability which has been kept under control until now. What does a new case say about how you should handle this? More...


Complaints about a disability

The BBC has recently received complaints about a disabled TV presenter. How should you react if someone objects to an employee’s disability? More...


“But I don’t think she’s disabled...”

You’ve decided to reject a job applicant because her health looked a bit dodgy. However, she reckons her condition is protected by disability discrimination legislation. How can you argue that she’s not, in fact, disabled? More...
Last updated: 18.10.2019

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