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Retaining knowledge when a key employee retires

An experienced employee has just announced plans to retire and you will be sad to see them go. But what steps can you take to retain their knowledge so your business derives the benefits? More...


How to treat employees who want to leave

An employee has told you that they are unhappy in their role and wish to leave your employment as soon as possible. As their heart clearly isn’t in the job anymore can you treat them less favourably than other employees? More...


Pregnant workers and risk assessments

An employee has just informed you that she’s pregnant. Even though she doesn’t work in a high-risk environment, must you carry out a risk assessment (RA)? If so, what should this process involve? More...


Getting the most out of exit interviews

Many employers that conduct exit interviews with departing employees don’t get the most out of the process. What should you be discussing during these informal meetings to gain the maximum benefit? More...


Signed off sick = no contact?

One of your employees has just been signed off sick by their GP. A colleague claims that as they are considered to be unfit for work you can’t make any attempt to contact them. Is this really true? More...


One in five employees plans to resign in 2014?

Apparently, 19% of employees are planning to leave their jobs this year - a decision that could prove costly for their employers. How can you get a feel for what your own workforce is thinking? More...


Can you dismiss a terminally ill employee?

Whilst it’s a situation that no employer ever wants to face, you may have to deal with an employee who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Would this situation give you grounds for their dismissal? More...


Secondary employment: what can you do?

These days, it’s becomingly increasingly common for employees to take on second jobs. Although you may not object to this, you don’t want it harming your business. So what can you do to protect your position? More...


Conducting personal searches on a random basis

One of our subscribers wants to know if they may carry out personal searches of employees on a random basis. This would serve as a deterrent to wrongdoing, rather than be a response to a particular problem. So can it be done or not? More...


How to deal with an unco-operative employee

It’s come to your attention that an employee isn’t carrying out some tasks that they’re required to do. This needs to be dealt with quickly, but is it a capability or conduct issue? How can you tell? More...
Last updated: 21.05.2019

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