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You’re so old, we’re worried you might die!

In January 2019 an 88-year-old secretary became the oldest person to successfully claim discrimination on the grounds of age at the tribunal. How did her employer get the law wrong? More...


Applicant who was “too old to apply” awarded £3,000

The tribunal has awarded a 63-year job applicant £3,000 simply because the employer told him that it was “looking for a much younger person” to fill the job vacancy. Why was this wrong? More...


Smoker who was sacked wins £64,000

A 69-year-old female employee who was sacked for wrongly smoking in a “customers only” area has been awarded £64,000 by the tribunal. Why was she able to claim this amount of money? More...


Women’s work, age and sex discrimination

Two female employees have successfully claimed age and sex-related discrimination after their employer subjected them to unfair criticism. Where did this employer go wrong? More...


“Santa” loses age discrimination claim

An employee in his 50s, who was described as “being stuck in his ways” and asked to dress up as Santa, has lost his age discrimination claim. Does that mean that it’s OK to make age-related references? More...


Is “teenager” a discriminatory word?

An 18-year-old employee was recently awarded £2,000 by the tribunal because her manager kept referring to her as a “teenager”. Does it mean this word is now a no-go for employers? More...


“Yoda” has won his age discrimination claim!

An older employee who was called “Yoda” by his colleagues has successfully convinced the tribunal that he suffered age discrimination. However, it wasn’t the nickname that was problematic. So why was the force with him on this one? More...


Is this banter or age discriminatory treatment?

When it comes to comments about age, there’s a fine line between harmless banter and discriminatory treatment. So what lessons can be learnt from a recent tribunal case in which the employee had been described as “past it”? More...


The age old problem of discrimination

Age discrimination legislation has been in place for just over two years and there’s been a steady trickle of cases brought against employers. What are some of the issues tribunals have looked at under this relatively new law? More...


Young worker wins claim

Until recently, all age discrimination cases had been won by older workers, but this has now changed. What’s the latest to be aware of? More...
Last updated: 09.07.2020

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