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Disclosing and asking about pregnancy

In May 2018 it was suggested that a woman who’s aware she is pregnant should be legally obliged to disclose the fact to a new employer - currently, they don’t have to. Can you ask a job applicant if she is pregnant? More...


Maternity leave cover: applicant is pregnant

One of your employees is going on maternity leave and you need temporary maternity cover. An applicant you’ve called to interview is pregnant herself - surely you can reject her because she would be unable to fulfil the role? More...


Rest breaks for pregnant employees

All adult employees have a statutory entitlement to minimum rest breaks and rest periods. But what happens where an employee falls pregnant - does she have enhanced rights due to her condition? More...


Taking care of lone workers

Some employees spend all or part of their time working alone without any direct supervision. As such employees are potentially put at greater risk of harm, what must you do to help protect them? More...


Ineligible for SMP: now what?

A pregnant employee will only be entitled to receive statutory maternity pay (SMP) from you during her maternity leave if she meets all the eligibility criteria. What should you do if she doesn’t qualify? More...


Pregnant and (now) always off sick

A problem with short-term sickness absence has been identified in your workplace. But the culprit is expecting and claims all her time off has been “pregnancy-related”. Must you accept this explanation at face value? More...


“Don’t even think about getting pregnant again!”

One of your employees has just returned from maternity leave and, if you’re honest, covering her work was a right pain in the neck. So could you make light of the situation and joke that she’s not to do it again? More...


How not to treat pregnant employees

As a well-informed employer you know that dismissing an employee due to her pregnancy is a big “no, no”. However, judging by the number of cases in this area many employers are still getting it wrong. So what mistakes should you avoid? More...


How far to go with pregnant staff?


Looking after lone workers

Some employees have raised safety concerns about working alone in certain circumstances. As a result, you’ve decided to review your lone working activities and the suitability of the staff carrying them out. What should you consider? More...
Last updated: 21.05.2019

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