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The law on career breaks

A long-serving employee has asked if they can take a career break of around six months. What is the legal position on career breaks and do employees who take them have any right to be paid? More...


Time off: caring for a terminally ill dependant

An employee has just taken dependant’s leave as a close relative has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. They now want further time off in order to provide care. What are your options? More...


How to prepare for a teachers’ strike

You’ve probably heard that teachers all over the country are threatening strike action. Assuming that they do shout “all out”, are you obliged to grant an employee who is a parent or a carer of a child any paid or unpaid time off? More...


Time to train extension now ruled out


Time to train rights will not be extended


How to deal with bereaved staff

No two people will deal with a bereavement in the same way and each situation will throw up different issues for you as an employer. So how should you go about dealing with this sensitive issue? More...


They’ve got even more rights?

From April 2010, some employees will be granted yet another statutory right. This time they’ll be able to request time off to train. Is it time to start panicking? More...


Can sabbaticals cut costs?

The media has accused employers of jumping to make redundancies all too quickly and not considering real alternatives, such as sabbaticals. But are they really a practical solution for employers when faced with financial difficulties? More...


New right to request training

The government recently announced plans to give workers the right to request time off for training. What’s the latest? More...


Looking after the grandkids

You know about the various requests for time off that working parents can make to look after their youngsters. But what’s the position with grandparents? Do they have any rights to take time off with their grandchildren? More...
Last updated: 13.08.2020

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