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New hires and statutory holiday entitlement

All workers are entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks’ paid holiday in each leave year. But what happens when a new employee starts work part-way through your leave year? How is their statutory holiday entitlement calculated? More...


Do part timers have fewer rights?

A colleague claims that it would be far better to employ part-time employees rather than full timers because, not only do they cost you less overall, they have far fewer employment rights. True or false? More...


Q&A - what is “part-time” work?


June 4 and 5 - employee rights

To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, June 4 and 5 are bank holidays. Many employees have assumed they are automatically entitled to take both days off - but that’s not necessarily the case. What’s the legal position? More...


On April 29 2011 we’re getting... an extra day off?

The government has declared that Friday, April 29 2011 - the day of the Royal Wedding - will be a bank holiday. Are your staff automatically entitled to this particular day off and what is the statutory position on pay? More...


Q&A - bank holidays and part-timers


Pro-rata leave for part-timers?

You probably assume that part-time workers are entitled to pro-rata bank and public holidays off in lieu. But following a new case, is this assumption correct? More...


Working time changes

There’s been some confusion during the summer over government plans to increase statutory holiday entitlement. What’s the real story behind the news? More...


Bank holiday confusion

If you’re confused about the status of bank holidays in relation to entitlement to time off, extra pay, or their effect on different types of employee, you’re not alone. What’s the legal situation and what should you introduce? More...


“But we need a full-timer!”

Since 2000, it’s been unlawful to discriminate against part-time workers. However, when it comes to, e.g. promotions, your requirement is often for a full-timer. Will this breach the legislation? More...
Last updated: 23.07.2019

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