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Disability discrimination: how long will this last?

It’s been reported that an employer has lost a tribunal claim for disability discrimination because of the way a line manager questioned an employee about her disability. What should you tell your managers following this ruling? More...


Long-term sickness: when can you safely dismiss?

You have an employee who is signed off long-term sick and, currently, showing no signs of a return. How long must you wait until it’s safe to dismiss them on incapacity grounds? More...


Due to work a bank holiday but called in sick

There are a couple of bank holidays in May. If you have employees who are expected to work on these days, you may well receive a telephone call saying “I’m sick today”. How should you deal with this? More...


Postnatal depression after maternity leave

In a recent case the employee went off sick immediately after her maternity leave ended due to postnatal depression. When she was eventually sacked, she claimed this amounted to discrimination. Why did her argument fail? More...


Pregnant and (now) always off sick

A problem with short-term sickness absence has been identified in your workplace. But the culprit is expecting and claims all her time off has been “pregnancy-related”. Must you accept this explanation at face value? More...


Employees who cross the line

Two Sky Sports presenters recently discussed a female football referee off air; they commented on both her looks and credibility. But even though this was supposedly a private “joke”, their employer came down hard. Why? More...


The biggest sex discrimination losers

A female employee had been seeking compensation of £4 million after alleging she was hired for her looks and subject to four years’ sexual harassment. But she lost at tribunal. What was the main reason behind this? More...


Can her pregnancy stop disciplinary proceedings?

You started disciplinary action against a poorly performing employee. But she’s now pregnant and says that because of this you can’t take it any further! What has the Employment Appeal Tribunal to say about this little trick? More...


“Don’t even think about getting pregnant again!”

One of your employees has just returned from maternity leave and, if you’re honest, covering her work was a right pain in the neck. So could you make light of the situation and joke that she’s not to do it again? More...


I’ll have my stuff back, please

One of your employees is about to go on maternity leave. She has a company laptop and mobile phone and you’re tempted to ask her to hand these over to her temporary replacement. But why could this cause you a problem? More...
Last updated: 08.07.2020

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