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Employees, colleagues and historic criminal offences

You’ve knowingly employed someone who previously committed a criminal offence. Unfortunately, a couple of your other employees have now found out and are refusing to work with this individual. What should you do? More...


Smoker who was sacked wins £64,000

A 69-year-old female employee who was sacked for wrongly smoking in a “customers only” area has been awarded £64,000 by the tribunal. Why was she able to claim this amount of money? More...


Unfairly sacked for attacking a colleague

In November 2015 the tribunal ruled that a London Zoo employee who glassed a fellow colleague in the face was unfairly dismissed. Her behaviour was at the extreme end of the scale, so where did the employer go wrong? More...


Unfairly dismissed for giving out tomato plants

When an employee gave out homegrown tomato plants to all but one colleague, he was accused of favouritism and subsequently sacked. The tribunal has now held that it was an unfair dismissal. Why? More...


Unfairly sacked for not preventing harassment

When an employee was kicked unconscious at his desk his manager was sacked for “failing to adequately protect him from harassment”. Why did the tribunal rule that her dismissal was actually unfair? More...


Several acts of misconduct: is that gross?

An employee has committed a few acts of misconduct in close succession. Individually, they only warrant a written warning. Can you add them all up and allege this is actually a matter of gross misconduct? More...


The nasty consequences of a positive drugs test

In a recent case, the employee had been required to undergo a drugs test following an anonymous tip-off. When the result came back positive, she was sacked. However, the tribunal has ruled that her dismissal was unfair. Why? More...


Gross misconduct or a wrongful dismissal?

If an employee is summarily dismissed for gross misconduct, they are not entitled to receive the notice period stated in their contract. Could this allow them to claim wrongful dismissal, i.e. breach of contract, by default? More...


That’s (business) entertainment!

In a recent case, a female employee had been sacked for offending a client. Most media reports focused on the fact her claim has been allowed to proceed, not why this is. What important legal point has been overlooked? More...


(Un)fairly dismissed for breach of confidentiality

A school employee was recently sacked for a breach of confidentiality. However, she won her claim of unfair dismissal. So did the tribunal think she had acted properly, or was there another reason for this? More...
Last updated: 07.07.2020

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