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How to avoid TOIL and trouble on termination

Many employers allow staff who work extra hours to take time off in lieu. But what happens if employment is terminated before the employee has a chance to take the time back? Must you pay for their accrued but untaken hours? More...


Is a promise about bonuses binding?

In a recent case, 100 employees claimed that an announcement made during a staff meeting about bonuses was contractually binding. The High Court agreed with this position. So should you now watch what you say? More...


Annual bonuses: can they sue?

It’s been reported that many employees plan to sue their employers if they don’t get an annual bonus this year. Is this type of payment an automatic right? More...


The (hidden) benefits of a PILON clause

Dismiss an employee without giving them the correct notice period and you might face a breach of contract claim. Depending on their salary and any benefits, this could be substantial. How can a PILON clause help prevent this risk? More...


£25,000 pay in lieu for employee’s accrued holiday

The Working Time Regulations allow a worker to recover pay in lieu for statutory holiday in their final year of employment. OK - but what if their contractual entitlement just happens to be far more generous than this? More...


HMRC v Stringer - the final conclusion

The House of Lords has finally given its decision in the long running saga of HM Revenue & Customs v Stringer. But it comes with a nasty sting in the tail for employers. What is the unexpected surprise? More...


Adding conditions to payment

It’s not uncommon to operate an ad hoc bonus system. Probably you apply some conditions to the payment of such a bonus, e.g. the need to remain in employment. Following a recent case, when is it safe to withhold payment? More...
Last updated: 09.07.2020

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