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£4,000 award for antenatal appointment comment

An employee who rushed back to work after her boss said that she’d “taken too many antenatal appointments” has been awarded £4,000 by the tribunal. Is there a limit on the number of appointments a pregnant employee is entitled to take? More...


Awkward antenatal appointment requests

An employee has asked for time off during working hours so that he can accompany his partner to an antenatal appointment. However, it clashes with an important meeting which you need him to attend. Can you refuse time off? More...


Legal rights when undergoing fertility treatment

An employee has just advised you that she will soon be undergoing fertility treatment. Is she entitled to paid time off for this purpose? And what about the partners of those undergoing fertility treatment - do they have any rights? More...


Antenatal appointment eligibility declarations

An employee has e-mailed you saying that he’s going to “be out for a few hours next week” attending an antenatal appointment with his pregnant partner. Do you have to accept what he says and let him go? More...


Antenatal appointments: who’s the daddy?


Men to get time off for antenatal classes!


Antenatal care: what must you pay for?

An area that often causes much uncertainty for employers is time off to attend antenatal care appointments. So what must you allow and does this type of absence always have to be paid? More...


Bye bye... off to look after the little one

Just three months into their job and one of your new employees is demanding to exercise their right to 13 weeks’ paid parental leave! You know you have to pay lip-service to family-friendly rights, but is there any way out of this one? More...


Time off for what?

Employees often ask for time off for reasons other than holiday. So, what are your rights as an employer? When can you refuse their requests and do you have to pay them for the time off? More...
Last updated: 08.07.2020

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