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Unfairly dismissed for calling boss “a tw@t”

The tribunal has ruled that an employee who was sacked for calling his boss “a tw@t” was unfairly dismissed and awarded him £19,000. What did the employer do wrong in the dismissal procedure? More...


Gross misconduct or an error of judgement?

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has held that an employee who was sacked for gross misconduct after he drove a company vehicle into floodwater was unfairly dismissed. Why did it reach this decision? More...


Unfairly sacked for “liking” a post on Facebook

An employee who was sacked after he “liked” a comment on Facebook about hitting a line manager has won his claim for unfair dismissal and been awarded over £32,000. Where did the employer go wrong? More...


Unfairly sacked for not preventing harassment

When an employee was kicked unconscious at his desk his manager was sacked for “failing to adequately protect him from harassment”. Why did the tribunal rule that her dismissal was actually unfair? More...


Gross misconduct or a wrongful dismissal?

If an employee is summarily dismissed for gross misconduct, they are not entitled to receive the notice period stated in their contract. Could this allow them to claim wrongful dismissal, i.e. breach of contract, by default? More...


That’s (business) entertainment!

In a recent case, a female employee had been sacked for offending a client. Most media reports focused on the fact her claim has been allowed to proceed, not why this is. What important legal point has been overlooked? More...


Smile please: using CCTV evidence to dismiss

The media recently reported on a case where an employer’s CCTV system had recorded a manager having sex on its premises after hours. It used this footage as evidence to sack him. That’s quite understandable, but is it legal? More...


P*ssed (off) worker wins unfair dismissal case

An employee who was dismissed for drinking a single pint of lager shandy has just had his unfair dismissal claim upheld by the Employment Appeal Tribunal. So what did the employer involved do wrong here? More...


Urinating at work is a fair reason for dismissal

An employee who needed to answer “a call of nature”, stopped his van to do just that. His employer reacted by sacking him for gross misconduct. But what did the tribunal think? Was this a “reasonable response” or not? More...


Get your facts straight

Like many employers, you’re confident that you can identify the sort of behaviour that can be dealt with as gross misconduct. But a new case suggests that you must be very careful before you act. So how should you deal with it? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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