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Bisexual employee was unfairly dismissed

The tribunal has ruled that a bisexual employee was unfairly dismissed and suffered a “campaign of harassment” by his employer and its staff. What is the most important lesson for all employers from this case? More...


£8,000 for “fabricated” illness

The tribunal has awarded an employee who suffers with anxiety and depression £8,000 because the employer accused her of “fabricating illness for a payout”. Why was this a wrong thing to do? More...


Man offered oral sex wins discrimination claim

A male employee has successfully claimed sex discrimination after a female colleague said that she would give him a bl*w job if he hit sales totalling £180,000. Why did the tribunal find in his favour? More...


Harassed by a colleague’s potted plant

In Kenbata v Westminster City Council 2017, the employee alleged that the positioning of a potted plant was racial harassment. The tribunal found otherwise but this case still holds an important lesson for employers. What is it? More...


£3.2 million for unlawful treatment

An employee who was dubbed “Crazy Miss Cokehead” by bosses has been awarded £3.2 million after the tribunal agreed that she was sexually harassed. But why did she receive so much compensation? More...


Resignation costs employer £49,000!

An employer has been ordered to pay a former employee who resigned compensation totalling £49,000. This was all down to one fatal mistake. So what did it do that was wholly unacceptable? More...


Unfairly dismissed for giving out tomato plants

When an employee gave out homegrown tomato plants to all but one colleague, he was accused of favouritism and subsequently sacked. The tribunal has now held that it was an unfair dismissal. Why? More...


Grievances: must they be put in writing?

The Acas Code of Practice says that employees “should” put formal grievances in writing. However, its ambiguous wording has led some experts to conclude that this isn’t actually a requirement. What’s the legal position? More...


£550,000 award for a false accusation of theft

A part-time employee who was wrongly accused of theft has just been awarded more than half a million pounds by the tribunal. Where did her employer trip up and what can we learn from its mistake? More...


Pregnancy: loss of opportunity (and her dog)

In a recent ruling, a police officer was found to have been discriminated against because bosses took away her dog when she was pregnant. It’s an unusual situation, but one with an important lesson. What can we learn from it? More...
Last updated: 09.07.2020

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