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Disciplinary procedures: right to a rehearing?

When an employee is required to attend a disciplinary hearing, they must be given all the evidence against them in advance of it. But what if some evidence is accidentally missed out? Must you hold a rehearing? More...


“Santa” loses age discrimination claim

An employee in his 50s, who was described as “being stuck in his ways” and asked to dress up as Santa, has lost his age discrimination claim. Does that mean that it’s OK to make age-related references? More...


Dependant’s leave and contacting the employer

In Ellis v Ratcliff Palfinger Ltd 2014 the employee claimed that he had been unfairly dismissed for exercising his statutory right to take dependant’s leave. But his claim failed because he didn’t do one vital thing. What was it? More...


Bound by verbal assurances about pay rises?

Having received your job offer the successful applicant is unhappy about the starting salary. The person they speak to verbally assures them that they’ll be “entitled to automatic pay rises”. Are you obliged to honour this promise? More...


Must you stick to your standard reference?

Let’s suppose that you have a policy of giving standard references which confirm job title and employment dates only. Are you obliged to stick to these basic details or can you disclose more information to a third party? More...


Grievances: what should you do on appeal?

If an employee raises a formal grievance and you subsequently reject it either in part or in full, they have the statutory right to appeal. Assuming they go down this route, what should you always ensure happens? More...


Discrimination on the grounds of “political affiliation”

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) recently ruled that our laws don’t “adequately protect” employees’ political affiliations. Does this mean we now have yet another potential ground for discrimination? More...


The cost of no induction is £25,000!

You know that carefully inducting a new employee can help prevent a wide range of problems. But as BUPA recently discovered, there can be dire consequences if you don’t do this properly. What can you learn from its costly mistake? More...


Employer jailed for contract forgery

An employee has filed a tribunal claim. It seems weak, but some vital documents are missing from her personnel file. Is it safe to “recreate” them? More...


I didn’t know I could do that!

Let’s be honest, most of the time we devote these pages to telling you what you cannot do with your employees. For a change, we’ve shattered a few popular myths and brought you some “you can do that” advice. More...
Last updated: 13.08.2020

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