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Can we insist on a full driving licence?

You’re about to advertise a new job role and it would be really helpful if the post holder could drive. Is it okay to state that “all applicants must hold a full driving licence” or could such wording be discriminatory? More...


Recruiting with personal statements

Some employers are now insisting that job applicants submit personal statements for vacancies rather than application forms or CVs. What are these statements and are they a legally safe way to recruit? More...


Avoiding discriminatory job ads


Jobs with “genuine occupational requirements”

As a general rule, employers can’t aim job ads at a particular group - they must be open to everyone. However, this rule doesn’t apply where a role has a “genuine occupational requirement”. Where might this arise? More...


Job applicants with poor English language skills

You’re recruiting for a job and want to reject any applicants with poor English language skills. However, you’re worried that this sort of decision may be discriminatory. What’s the legal position? More...


Q&A - asking about “intermittent” health issues


Now you can’t hire “reliable” employees?

According to one Jobcentre Plus branch, employers can’t use the word “reliable” in job ads, as it discriminates against unreliable people! Are they having a laugh, or is this term one that you really should avoid? More...


Mistake in the wording of the ad

One foolish employer has ended up in tribunal after posting a job ad that asked for “Polish workers only”. The excuse - the person who drafted it didn’t know employment law! So what steps should he have followed? More...


Drafting safe job ads

Despite what the papers say, many employers are still recruiting new staff; even if it’s only for a fixed-term appointment. So if you’re going through this process, what are the traps you can fall into when drafting job ads? More...


Why bother to advertise internally?

You’ve created a new position and reckon that it would be ideal for a friend or family member of an existing member of staff. So why bother with expensive advertising? Are there any risks associated with keeping it “in-house”? More...
Last updated: 08.07.2020

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