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Unfairly dismissed for calling boss “a tw@t”

The tribunal has ruled that an employee who was sacked for calling his boss “a tw@t” was unfairly dismissed and awarded him £19,000. What did the employer do wrong in the dismissal procedure? More...


Does no contact = a dismissal?

In the case of Sandle v Adecco 2016 the employer hadn’t heard from the employee for some time. Equally, it had made no attempt to contact her. The employee subsequently claimed unfair dismissal but lost. Why? More...


Fairly dismissed for “not washing hands”

An employee who was sacked for not washing his hands has lost his claim for unfair dismissal at the tribunal. So does this mean you can safely dismiss one of your own employees if they don’t wash their hands? More...


Drugs test dismissal costs employer £84,000

The tribunal has awarded a former bus driver who tested positive for cocaine £84,000 compensation. What did the employer do wrong which meant that the employee’s dismissal was unfair? More...


Time limit for unfair dismissal claims extended?

We recently advised you that unfair dismissal claims must be brought within three months of the termination of employment. However, one employee has just been given a six-week extension. Has the rule been changed? More...


Fairly dismissed for sleeping on the job

In a recent case, an employee was sacked for sleeping on the job in the employer’s first aid room. The tribunal concluded that his dismissal was both “fair and reasonable. Why did it reach this decision? More...


P*ssed (off) worker wins unfair dismissal case

An employee who was dismissed for drinking a single pint of lager shandy has just had his unfair dismissal claim upheld by the Employment Appeal Tribunal. So what did the employer involved do wrong here? More...


(Un)fairly dismissed for breach of confidentiality

A school employee was recently sacked for a breach of confidentiality. However, she won her claim of unfair dismissal. So did the tribunal think she had acted properly, or was there another reason for this? More...


Urinating at work is a fair reason for dismissal

An employee who needed to answer “a call of nature”, stopped his van to do just that. His employer reacted by sacking him for gross misconduct. But what did the tribunal think? Was this a “reasonable response” or not? More...


(Un)reasonable in the circumstances?

Deciding whether or not to dismiss an employee can be tough, particularly if you’re not sure whether it’s appropriate in the circumstances. So how can a new case help you avoid the costs of getting it wrong? More...
Last updated: 08.07.2020

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