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Redundancy during long-term sick leave

An employee who is absent on long-term sick leave has been provisionally selected for redundancy. Can you make this particular employee redundant or is he untouchable? More...


Acas’ new guidance on managing bereavement

In early 2014 the government confirmed that it is “not feasible” to introduce statutory bereavement leave for employees. However, to help you deal with this sensitive issue, Acas has issued some new guidance. What does it cover? More...


Acas guidance on small-scale redundancies


ACAS: be aware of imitations!


ACAS issues more advice on redundancy


Challenging redundancy selection scores

An employee has been selected for redundancy, properly consulted and told about their individual selection score. But do they have the right to see the actual details behind that score? More...


Have you tried the “Model Workplace” tool?

ACAS has developed an online tool which allows employers to assess the overall effectiveness of their workplace. It’s free to use and claims to offer “sound, practical guidance”. This could be useful, but is it really worth the bother? More...


Consultation is not enough

Of course you know that when it comes to redundancy, full consultation is vital if you’re to avoid any subsequent claim for unfair dismissal. However many employers get the consultation right, but still lose at tribunal. Why? More...
Last updated: 07.08.2020

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