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Collective redundancy consultation requirements

When you’re contemplating making 20+ redundancies, collective consultation is required. But is that obligation triggered for 20+ redundancies at a particular establishment or 20+ redundancies across your entire business? More...


Bound by an external HR consultant’s mistake?

When Sheffield City Council received a collective grievance about pay, it brought in an HR consultant. She wrongly informed staff that they were entitled to a much higher rate. Was the employer bound by the consultant’s mistake? More...


Micro businesses and TUPE consultation


Varying contractual terms on economic grounds

In a recent case, the only way the employer could stay afloat was by re-issuing contracts on less favourable terms. One employee resigned and claimed constructive dismissal. What did the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) think? More...


A worrying rise in unfair dismissal claims

Figures recently released by the Tribunals Service show a 29% increase in the number of unfair dismissal claims brought against employers. Why is this happening and is there anything else that you need to be aware of? More...


A new alternative to redundancy?

The CBI has put forward an idea for a new scheme which it says will help employers avoid redundancies for very little cost. So what does it involve and are you going to be able to take advantage of it anytime soon? More...


What’s the new redundancy rage?

No one likes being made redundant. But some employees have taken it so badly they’ve turned on their employers. Why is this? More...


A way around the consultation rules?

You’re probably aware that if you plan to make more than 20 positions redundant, you have to follow a statutory consultation procedure. But what if staff volunteer? Will you still be caught by the rules? More...


Yet more consultation!

New regulations are now in force requiring employers to undertake consultation before being able to make certain changes to occupational or personal pension schemes. Should you be worried now or in the future? More...


Whom do we talk to?

Since April, the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations have applied to companies with 150 or more employees. If you’re not in this league, when might you have to consult? More...
Last updated: 12.08.2020

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