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Dismissed but you didn’t know she was pregnant

You recently had cause to dismiss a female employee. However, you’ve since discovered that she is pregnant - a fact you were unaware at the point of her dismissal. Can she claim that her dismissal was automatically unfair? More...


A forgetful and menopausal employee

An older female employee is becoming increasingly forgetful. When it’s brought to her attention she blames the menopause. The situation can’t be allowed to continue but what’s the risk if you move straight to capability proceedings? More...


Managing poor performance in older workers

You’ve noticed a decline in the performance of one of your older workers who is 67 years old. Forced retirement is no longer an option, so how can you resolve this problem and stay on the right side of the law? More...


Poor performance: give the employee a plan!

Managers often worry about tackling poor performance - this in itself can lead to problems getting out of hand. But a simple, yet robust, employee improvement plan could make both of your lives that much easier - how? More...


Can you get a poor performer out more quickly?

Due to poor performance in the polls, it was soon suggested that Gordon Brown “step down” as Prime Minister. You can’t demand a resignation, but can you put anything in your contracts that might help you end things more quickly? More...


Not up to the job?

Any dismissal decision can be difficult to make, but when it’s because the employee simply isn’t “up to it” it’s even harder. So what key points should you consider if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate position? More...


Dealing with a poor people manager

One of your managers is a good performer but her people management skills are poor. Should you just accept this, or are there risks in not taking action? If so, what are they and what should you respond? More...


Dealing with below par performance

A subscriber has a manager who just isn’t pulling his weight and it’s now causing resentment amongst his team. He’s a popular employee, but with a big project about to start, how should they best deal with him? More...


Underperforming and pregnant

There’s been much media attention recently on the extent of discrimination by employers. But what can you do if a pregnant employee just isn’t performing? More...


Dealing with poor performance

An employee just isn’t up to the job. Whilst you’d like to get shot of him, you don’t want to risk a claim. A colleague’s suggested introducing a capability procedure, but you don’t know what’s involved. What elements should it include? More...
Last updated: 08.07.2020

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