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£4,000 award for antenatal appointment comment

An employee who rushed back to work after her boss said that she’d “taken too many antenatal appointments” has been awarded £4,000 by the tribunal. Is there a limit on the number of appointments a pregnant employee is entitled to take? More...


Time off to undergo hypnotherapy

Whilst it doesn’t work for everyone, some medical practitioners recommend hypnotherapy. If one of your employees has been advised to undergo it by their GP, do they have a statutory right to time off work for this purpose? More...


Antenatal appointment eligibility declarations

An employee has e-mailed you saying that he’s going to “be out for a few hours next week” attending an antenatal appointment with his pregnant partner. Do you have to accept what he says and let him go? More...


Antenatal appointments: who’s the daddy?

time off

Men given right to time off for antenatal appointments

On 1 October 2014 employees will get the statutory right to take time off to attend antenatal appointments if they are in a “qualifying relationship” with a pregnant woman. Are there any restrictions here and must they be paid? More...


Men to get time off for antenatal classes!


Maternity cover has announced she’s pregnant!

To provide cover for an employee on maternity leave you hired a temporary replacement on a fixed-term contract. But she’s just announced that she’s also pregnant! As she knew this on accepting the job, surely you can dismiss her? More...


How not to treat pregnant employees

As a well-informed employer you know that dismissing an employee due to her pregnancy is a big “no, no”. However, judging by the number of cases in this area many employers are still getting it wrong. So what mistakes should you avoid? More...


Ante-natal care - one visit too many?

You suspect a part-timer is abusing her right to time off for ante-natal care because she takes all her appointments on work days and now says she needs physiotherapy for a related problem. What should you do? More...
Last updated: 13.08.2020

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