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“Santa” loses age discrimination claim

An employee in his 50s, who was described as “being stuck in his ways” and asked to dress up as Santa, has lost his age discrimination claim. Does that mean that it’s OK to make age-related references? More...


Is “teenager” a discriminatory word?

An 18-year-old employee was recently awarded £2,000 by the tribunal because her manager kept referring to her as a “teenager”. Does it mean this word is now a no-go for employers? More...


References and post-employment victimisation

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that an ex-employee couldn’t claim post-employment victimisation under the Equality Act 2010 when he was given a bad reference. So does that mean it’s now safe to say what you like? More...


“Yoda” has won his age discrimination claim!

An older employee who was called “Yoda” by his colleagues has successfully convinced the tribunal that he suffered age discrimination. However, it wasn’t the nickname that was problematic. So why was the force with him on this one? More...


Banter: is it really a £292 billion risk?

According to one leading law firm, workplace banter could cost employers up to £292 billion in tribunal claims during 2013. But why should this prediction actually be ignored? More...


Avoiding liability in discrimination claims

Employees can allege discrimination on many grounds and defending them can be a real challenge for employers. So what was the winning strategy of the employer who saw off a race claim? More...


Has workplace banter been banned?

It’s been reported that the new Equality Act 2010 bans all workplace banter; if it occurs, you could be sued! Is this really true or just another media myth? More...
Last updated: 07.08.2020

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